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Annie, Female, Dog, 1 yr

Has one ever seen a more wonderful looking pup? I think not! Annie, here, is a one year old Hound mix who originally hails from Alabama. This big girl (she weighs 45 pounds) is also a gentle giant. She happily ambles during her walks, watching the world pass by with a happy grin on her face. When Annie isn't enjoying her time outdoors in NYC, she's usually snuggled up to a staff member behind the front desk. But while Annie is loving and low-key, she's only one years old and so she still needs her fair share of exercise. Long walks or trips to the dog park are what her heart desires! Speaking of dogs, Annie loves them! She's always happy to great a new puppy or say hi to another friendly adult. But as always, we recommend a meet and greet. Annie is not yet housebroken and she still needs to work on her basic manners. If you're ready to make Annie yours, come to Bideawee!