Urgent: 14 Cats in Need of Care and Shelter

We received the call late last week. A Brooklyn veterinary clinic providing temporary shelter for abandoned cats was in over its head. The staff could no longer care for the cats that accumulated over the years, and they were desperate for help. We immediately agreed to do whatever we could.

The cats arrived at Bideawee today, 14 in total. One by one our animal hospital staff examined these terrified babies: a sweet tabby was missing an eye, a pretty grey and white girl had a deformed paw that would need to be amputated, three scruffy kittens appeared to be suffering from an upper respiratory infection; there were several seniors, and many in need of immediate medical care. Our animal hospital staff is examining them as you read this letter, and our adoption staff is cleaning them, lyme-dipping them and scrambling to make room for them because the alternative is one we can’t accept.

Most of these animals were abandoned – dumped by the only family they ever knew and left with no one to care for them. They deserve better. We can provide them with the food, care and shelter they need to heal and go on to become happy, healthy, beloved family members. But we can’t do it alone. PLEASE donate today to help these 14 cats receive the care they need, and ensure that we will always be here to open our doors to the animals and people who depend on our efforts. We simply couldn’t do it without you.

As always, thank you for being a part of our community, and making this world a better place for animals in need.