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Levi, Male, Dog, 3 yrs

Give a warm welcome to Levi! Levi is a two year old large mixed breed dog from New Jersey. Levi came to Bideawee in mid-June and has just taken our hearts. Levi is a gentle dog looking for the right home! He can seem a little nervous at first, but once he's comfortable his real personality shines. Levi can be really playful and excitable with his people. He is the cutest to watch when he's wagging his tail and running happily towards you. Besides his cute smile, Levi has the most vast and brownest eyes ever. It sure makes him a handsome pup! He can be shy around new people, but gets better with gentle encouragements. He is also not quite housebroken and would do well in a home that will help teach him basic manners. Levi is very sweet and we believe he would do well in most households. Come visit him at Bideawee!