Donate a meal for homeless pets


It’s hard for someone who runs an animal shelter to be happy at this time of year, but I hope you’ll let me tell you how you make that possible for me.

You see, as the weather begins to get cold, we know what is coming. The conditions for lost and abandoned animals get so bad. It’s awful.

People bring hungry cats and dogs to Bideawee all year round, of course. But now that cold weather is settling in, it will get worse and worse. Any food that stray animals might have been able to find by hunting or scavenging is gone now. If things freeze, they have a hard time even finding water to drink.

I know there’s a dog out there somewhere who will be brought to Bideawee tomorrow or the next day, at the very edge of life. We’ll have to lie her down on the scale to measure just how malnourished she is, because she’ll be too wobbly to stand on her own. She’ll be so thin you’ll be able to see her heart pumping through her skin.

When dogs get this far, it takes a great deal of skill to nurse them back to health. I have loved so many dogs in my life and if I imagine any of them in that kind of condition, my heart just can’t take it. That’s why it’s hard for me to be happy this time of year. We see too many animals in deep suffering – cold, lonely and barely alive.

The amazing thing is that just when I start to get discouraged about what the winter will do to so many beautiful animals, we hold our Annual Holiday Meal Ticket Appeal, and the love and generosity of people like you gives me such hope.

You see, your donation to Bideawee right now can help feed a hungry dog or cat that has come to us to be saved. A gift of $20 will feed 20 weaned Bideawee kittens for one day. And a very generous gift of $40 will feed 5 Bideawee dogs for a week.

I am so grateful for the amazing response of people like you to this appeal each and every year. It means so much to the animals who come to us in desperate need. It also means a lot to those of us who nurse them back to health and find loving homes where they will never suffer again … and where they will never again go hungry.

When they are brought to us, it just breaks my heart to see how thin they are. But with the right kind of care and attention – and lots of good food – we can nurse them back to health, find homes for babies and moms, and turn a tragedy into a lifetime of comfort, care, and companionship.

That’s what saves this time of year for me. And you make it possible.

So I hope you’ll continue your support today, right now and make your most generous gift possible to our Annual Holiday Meal Ticket Appeal. It’s our biggest appeal of the year, and so much of our work depends on it.

This is the time of year when many people make their most meaningful donations to the causes they care about most. I hope Bideawee is on your list, because we really need your help during the impending winter months.

Thank you for all you do for our animals. I wish you and your family the very best of holidays. Thank you!


Nancy Taylor
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. Most of us who welcome animals into our families share our holiday traditions with them as much as we can. When you donate to our annual Meal Ticket Appeal, it’ll be as if you’re inviting one of our lost, abandoned or abused animals to share your holiday celebrations. Please send the most generous gift you can today. Thank you!