On June 15th Bideawee will be celebrating 112 years of service to animals, and paying tribute to the city where the organization’s founder was first inspired to form Bideawee, at its Parisian themed Bideawee Ball. To commemorate the occasion, the organization wants to invite you to submit photos of your pet living Une Belle Vie as a reminder to all that every dog and cat deserves the same opportunity to live The Good Life.

Share a photo of your beloved pet during the month of May, and in doing so, make a small donation of $10 to ensure that other dogs and cats will one day have the chance to live The Good Life too. Make your donation here and follow the instructions to upload your pet’s photo.

Your pet’s photo and a short personal message will be broadcast to an audience of more than 300 guests at the 2015 Bideawee Ball on June 15th and your gift of $10 can help Bideawee provide other animals with the beautiful life you have so generously and lovingly given your own.