Does your dog or cat dominate your photo gallery? When you picture unadulterated cuteness, do you see your dog’s smiling face, tongue for miles, or your kitty’s dazzling eyes and pink button nose?

There is no shortage of camera-worthy moments when it comes to our four-legged friends, and we think those faces deserve to be shared! Beginning on September 15th, Bideawee will be accepting photo submissions for our annual calendar. In an attempt to share as many adorable photos as possible, there will be no contest this year. Instead, we will make sure that every submission finds a home in our 2017 calendar. For a $30 donation, your pet’s photo will be included and you will receive a copy of the calendar (please submit photos only of your pets; we cannot include photos with people).

This year’s theme is Happily Ever After and we can’t wait to showcase the images of your pets living their "fairy tale" life.

Please submit photos by October 19th.


To pre-order additional copies, click here.