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Walter, Male, Dog, 4 yrs 1 mo

With his dapper smile and fun-loving personality, Walter is a total catch! Walter is four years old and came to Bideawee in early March from Puerto Rico. He has a glorious tuxedo coat with fluffy ears and brown-eyes that could make Van Morrison jealous. Walter is very sweet and will always approach for attention. He'll gently jump up, asking you to pet him or scratch him behind the ears. When he's in the mood, he'll play as well. Throwing his toy in the air or running after a bouncing ball. At four years old, he's the perfect balance between energy and laid-back hanging. While Walter loves every person he meets, he definitely wants to be the only pet in your life. He's not a big fan of other four-legged friends and may do best living away from other dogs. Walter is housebroken, although it may take him time to get used to a new schedule. His future owners should continue working on his basic training as well so he can be a perfect pup. If you've fallen in love, adopt Walter today!