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In the meantime, here is a pet you might be interested in!

Chicklet, Male, Dog, 8 yrs

Make way, make way! One big, beautiful boy is coming through!
Please allow me to introduce you to Chicklet.
He is a gorgeous pooch, that everyone here simply adores!
Donning a fantastic brindle coat, warm eyes, and a sweet disposition, Chicklet is truly a gem.
While mature, he is still plenty silly and playful, and has a spirited heart!
Not to mention, he is over-spilling with love and affection for his people pals.
He may be 77 pounds, but he is a true gentle giant, and is just a darling with everyone he meets.
He seems to have good manners, and is already house-broken; all he is missing now is the home to call his own!

If this sweet fellow sounds like the perfect one for you, then please call the Westhampton Adoption Center about him today!