Mike Rueb


Michael Rueb has his CPDT (Certified Pet Dog Trainer) certification and is the Training & Enrichment Manager at Bideawee. Mike has introduced several new Bideawee programs, open to the public, such as Puppy and Kitty Kindergarten classes and affordable one-on-one training.

Mike's work for resident canines and felines has enhanced the quality of life of the animals here at Bideawee. Under his leadership, Bideawee's Behavior and Training Department has significantly reduced the number of animals returned after being adopted and has brought Bideawee to the innovative forefront in community education and high-quality care for Adoption Center animals.

Mike has appeared on a number of television programs on animal behavior and is a regular contributor to a variety of print and online media outlets in the New York metro area. Mike's approachability and ability to translate animal training techniques into language that is easily understood and adopted make him an a highly sought after contributor on animal training stories or demonstrations.