Bideawee takes in homeless, abandoned, ill and neglected animals and makes a commitment of quality care for every animal in our care. Our comprehensive Canine Bill of Rights and Feline Bill of Rights provides every animal in our care the necessary medical, behavioral and emotional care to be a well-adjusted pet in the home.

The licensed veterinarians from the Animal Hospitals at Bideawee provide needed medical care to all animals when they arrive, and then monitor their health and well-being daily throughout their stay with us. Our trained Matchmakers provide more than house-keeping and feeding; all Bideawee animals receive socialization, exercise and other daily activities that let our Matchmakers get to know each animal's special personality, so that we can make the best match for you.

We also have on-staff animal behavior specialists that work with all our dogs to teach them important things, such as walking well on a leash, sit, stay and house-breaking. We have animal behavior specialists that work with cats too, helping many a shy cat to overcome their fear. Our Adoption Center volunteers play an important role in helping each animal stay comfortable and feel appreciated and loved while they are at Bideawee.

Before adoption, every animal is spayed/neutered and microchipped. The care and knowledge we have about each animal's personality, health, behavior and special quirks - especially likes belly rubs in the morning or scratches under the chin - and over 117 years of finding loving homes for over one million animals is what makes us the best at helping you find the perfect pet for you.