An Ode to Our Queen


An ode to our Queen:

The Queen of Bideawee is a fabulous, regal, and enchanting five-year-old cat named Tuna. Tuna goes by many names: Miss Tuna, Queen Tuna, and her private identity - Petunia O'Mally. Like all good rulers, Queen Tuna evokes an array of emotions in her disciples. One feels both love and awe when in her presence, as well as an overall sensation of your lowly station in her kingdom. Queen Tuna can appear aloof at first, but it's really just her proper upbringing that gives her this courtly attitude. Everyone here at Bideawee worships Miss Tuna and wants the rest of the world to understand how special she is. From her velveteen grey fur to her little itty white mittens, Miss Tuna is picture perfect. Miss Tuna's sparkling green eyes watch your every move - especially during meal time, which bring us to her next endearing characteristic - her adorable pudgy belly. Miss Tuna is a Queen of the Renaissance era and believes a well-fed body is a symbol of royalty. Despite Miss Tuna's captivating nature and our loyalty to her, we here at Bideawee believe that it's time for her reign to end. Miss Tuna deserves to live her life as someone's cherished pet - away from the responsibilities and constraints of her royal duties at Bideawee. Miss Tuna's dream home is calm and quiet with no other pets. She prefers a relaxed atmosphere with a few sunny spots and some birds to watch. Her owner should be experienced and understand that Miss Tuna's independence doesn't mean she loves you any less. Once she's comfortable around you, she'll relax and let you scratch her beneath the chin and behind the ears. If you think that you're the special home that our Queen is looking for, then come meet our Tuna! For more information, visit