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Pase, Male, Dog, 2 yrs 11 mos

Pase is a goofy, energetic, and snuggly two year old Labrador Retriever mix who came to Bideawee in early November from Alabama. Pase is a big boy, weighing in at 65 pounds. However, he's just 56 pounds of love. Pase has a muscular and lean white body with two tan ears and a distinctive tan patch around his eyes. His brown eyes sparkle with curiosity, watching everything around him. His smile is large and happy, and when you catch him smiling you're sure to feel your mood elevate as well. Pase gets along well with other dogs, although a meet and greet is always recommended! While he's gentle, he's also very energetic and quite large, so were recommended him going home without young children. Pase also considers himself a lap dog and isn't totally aware of his size relative to yours. He'll wiggle his way towards you and try and curl up in a ball in your lap. Despite his best efforts, he's rarely able to fit his whole body in your lap and will instead resort to being half on/half off. His dream forever home, has an active and attentive owner who will give him all the love, exercise, and stimulation that this adorable boy needs. Pase would also be thrilled to leave with somebody who works from home as he gets bored easily and loves companionship. But hey, who doesn't need a 65 pound fur-ball as a coworker. To meet Pase, come to Bideawee!