Bideawee TV: Adoptable Animals - Manhattan

Bideawee's adoptable animals are spayed/neutered,vaccinated, behaviorally-tested and ready to become the newest addition to your family. The care and knowledge Bideawee has about each animal's personality, health, behavior and special quirks combined with more than 110 years of finding loving homes for homeless animals is what makes Bideawee the leader in matching pets with the people who love them.

To learn more about the pets you see here, visit Adopt, call 866-262-8133 or visit Bideawee's Manhattan or Westhampton locations.

Cats | Dogs

Ashanti is a sublime and very bright 3 year old cat. He weighs 13 pounds and has an outgoing personality. Ashanti is curious but low key. This means that he likes to watch the world turn from a comfortable place, maybe a windowsill or a cabinet. Ashanti is shy in new environments and he has some fearfulness of hands. He would need further play therapy to get comfortable with his new person before allowing petting. Ashanti would prefer to be the center of your world and so we suggest he go home as the only pet. This sweetheart will do best with an experienced and gentle family that will give him the love he deserves. Come meet our fun-loving cat Ashanti!
Ms. Tuna

Meet Bideawee's leading lady, Ms. Tuna! Ms. Tuna is a very cute silver tabby that has a unique personality to match her distinctive name. Ms. Tuna was rescued off the streets of New Jersey in November of 2012 and has been living at Bideawee ever since. Ms. Tuna enjoys being around people but prefers affection on her own terms. Once she's comfortable around you and in a relaxing environment, Ms. Tuna loves being scratched behind the ears. Ms. Tuna can be chatty as well and sure knows how to get what she wants. When it's time for dinner, Ms. Tuna will come up to you giving the cutest little meow and begin doing figure eights around your feet. Ms. Tuna would prefer to go home with an experienced cat owner who understands and appreciates her independent nature. Ms. Tuna would also thrive in a calm and quiet atmosphere where there isn't a lot of hustle and bustle. Ms. Tuna would prefer to be the only cat although she may be able to live with another serene feline. To meet her, come to Bideawee!

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