Bideawee TV: Adoptable Animals - Westhampton

Bideawee's adoptable animals are spayed/neutered,vaccinated, behaviorally-tested and ready to become the newest addition to your family. The care and knowledge Bideawee has about each animal's personality, health, behavior and special quirks combined with more than 110 years of finding loving homes for homeless animals is what makes Bideawee the leader in matching pets with the people who love them.

To learn more about the pets you see here, visit Adopt, call 866-262-8133 or visit Bideawee's Manhattan or Westhampton locations.

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Everyone please come on over and meet Frank!
He is a charming and handsome Chinese Shar-Pei mix, who dons the most adorable little ears!
If they don't get you, Frank's wrinkly face and happy-go-lucky smile certainly will.
Over-spilling with spirit and love, Frank is gung-ho for his people pals and playtime alike. He loves to run around and play games!
Weighing in at 50 pounds, he's a great size for anyone seeking a medium-sized companion!
Frank is seeking an adult-only home that can provide him with daily exercise, adventures, and playtime.
A home with a canine companion is a possibility as well, as long as Frank and his future doggie siblings hit it off on the meet and greet!
If Frank sounds like the one, please ask about adopting him today!
Everyone, please come on over and meet Linda!
She is a sweet and sassy lady, who is just the right mix of sugar and spice and everything nice!
Not to mention, she is absolutely stunning to boot.
Boasting a gorgeous tortoiseshell coat of ebony, gold, and ivory, crowned by brilliant emerald eyes, she is a shining beauty!
A true Social Butterfly, Linda is up to showing off her grand personality to anyone, anytime; as long as her guests can handle all of her natural charm!
Thanks to a generous Bideawee volunteer who has paid Linda's adoption fee, you can take this sweet lady home for free.
If this majestic lady sounds like the one for you, then please ask about adopting Linda today!

Miley is a gorgeous young adult "torbie" (tortoiseshell/tabby) who was originally born here at Bideawee after her pregnant mom had been transferred in from a municipal shelter.
Miley is a diva and likes to be the center of attention. However when she is feeling affectionate, she loves to curl up and sleep on her person's chest. This beautiful girl insists on being your only kitty, and she'll shower you with affectionate and fun, playful energy in return!
Who is that handsome orange kitty?
Why, it could only be Adeley!
A spirited cat that is full of life, pizzazz, and personality, Adeley is a constant source of friendship and humor to everyone that knows him.
When he's not busy making his friends laugh, you can find him snoozing in the sun on the windowsill.
He loves his daily naps!

If he sounds like the boy for you, the please ask for him!