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Bideawee's adoptable animals are spayed/neutered,vaccinated, behaviorally-tested and ready to become the newest addition to your family. The care and knowledge Bideawee has about each animal's personality, health, behavior and special quirks combined with more than 110 years of finding loving homes for homeless animals is what makes Bideawee the leader in matching pets with the people who love them.

To learn more about the pets you see here, visit Adopt, call 866-262-8133 or visit Bideawee's Manhattan or Westhampton locations.

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This stunningly beautiful girl is Clover. She has the face of an angel! Clover is a very sweet and delightful kitty! She can be slightly bashful at first, but once she sees that you're wooing her for attention, she'll run right over to you! Then she'll be following you all over for more love! Clover is an easy-going type of girl, and would do very well in most laid-back homes, that will shower her with the love and devotion that she deserves! Clover is cat-friendly, too, and wouldn't mind a home with a friend. Please consider Clover!
Please come and meet Randy!
A sweet, chatty, and delightfully large senior kitty, Randy simply has a way of charming everyone he meets! He's quite a ham!
His pink nose and bright, chartreuse eyes only add to his character and good looks.
Randy will happily converse with you about your day, or, if you're not up for chatting, he's content to simply cuddle with you while you enjoy the quietude together.
Either way, he is a faithful companion and friend, who promises a lifetime of company and love.
Please ask about Randy!
Georgi Girl
This stunning and silver-coated lady is named Georgi Girl! She is a beautiful Domestic Shorthair kitty.
Georgi Girl is a bashful gal, who is just waiting for the right person to give her heart away to.
Once she sees that you are the one for her, she will be smitten and devoted to her one and only.

If Georgi Girl has caught your eye, then please ask about her!
This beautiful girl is Cuma. She came to Bideawee when her former owner wanted her to be safe, as the other kitties in her former home were not always kind to her. Cuma is a sweet but sometimes over-zealous cat, who is seeking a patient home that is willing to let her adjust and bond at her own pace. She is full of personality, but she can be reserved when she desires her own space. Cuma is the official greeter of our smaller cattery, and she's just waiting for her future family to open the door next! Due to her sometimes over-excitable nature, she would do best in an adult home. Won't you please consider Cuma?
This handsome man is Meatloaf. He came to Bideawee after a long ordeal, which lead up to him being surrendered to a local municipal shelter. Bideawee rescued him from there just before he was out of time. His former owner over-fed Meatloaf drastically, until a point where he became morbidly obese, and had difficulty walking. He couldn't even stand on his paws; his weight was so great that he was forced to walk on his forearms. His former owner moved into a nursing home, and the family left him uncared for and locked up in the house. Later, the real estate agents who found Meatloaf inside the home threw him into the yard. Alone and defenseless, this poor boy finally found his way to a local municipal shelter, where an uncertain fate awaited him. When Bideawee heard about his story, we just had to take him under our wing! Meatloaf weighed 29 pounds when he arrived here, and after a thorough medical evaluation and treatment, and being placed on a special diet, he is down to 27 pounds. Meatloaf's new family will need to continue his prescription diet to keep him healthy. Despite having a difficult start in life, his sweet personality has not been affected at all! Meatloaf truly is a gentle giant, and his affectionate nature is unparalleled! All he needs is a chance with a great family. Won't you please consider adopting Meatloaf?
Everyone come on over and meet Lenore!
She is a lovely kitty, with gorgeous, glowing, green eyes, and a fantastic tabby coat.
Everyone here is a fan of Ms. Lenore.
Boasting a diva personality and a sassy kind of love, she has a way of winning hearts!
She is looking for a home that knows how to treat a lady, and can fully appreciate her feminine charms.

If Lenore sounds like the kitty you've been looking for, then please ask about her!

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