Bideawee TV: Bideawee Buzz

The Bideawee Buzz is a multi-media blog showcasing the shops, spots and services that cater to New York City pets and the people who love them.

Bideawee Buzz - Episode 15: Avalon Buildings
Looking for a pet friendly building in NYC for you and your four-legged loved one? Learn more about Avalon's pet friendly accomodations.
Bideawee Buzz - Episode 14: Adoptapalooza
On Sunday, May 31st, Bideawee joined Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals at the annual Adoptapalooza Extravaganza. Hundreds of animals are adopted every year at this premier NYC event. Learn more, and mark you calendars!
Bideawee Buzz - Episode 13: Volunteering
Looking to get your pet fix without bringing one home? (Well, we can't make any promises about that 2nd part!) ;) Learn about how you can become a member of Bideawee's Volunteer Family.
Bideawee Buzz - Episode 12: Whiskers Holistic Petcare
Whiskers Holistic Petcare is committed to bringing the benefits of holistic wellness concepts to companion animals through the education of pet care-givers, and to foster the research, identification and introduction of products and methods to further that aim. Learn more about Whiskers by visiting
Bideawee Buzz - Episode 11: Dog Walking with Lauren's Leash
Learn what to look for in a dog walker, and how you can ensure that your pooch is in the best hand's possible.
Bideawee Buzz - Episode 10: Washington Square Park
Learn more about this favorite west village dog run.
Bideawee Buzz- Episode 9: The Riverside Park Dog Run
Learn more about this favorite upper west side dog park.
Bideawee Buzz - Episode 8: Enjoying the Outdoors with Your Dog
Visit Central Park for a day of sun, fresh air, and fun-filled activities with man's best friend.
Bideawee Buzz - Episode 7: The Spot Experience
Visit Spot to learn about how you can satisfy your pup's every need in one convenient and comprehensive SPOT.
Bideawee Buzz - Episode 6: Photos with your Pet
Learn how to take the perfect photo of you and your pet. Makes a great Mother's Day, Father's Day or Birthday gift for the pet-lovers in your family.
Bideawee Buzz - Episode 5: Tompkins Square Park
Learn more about this favorite downtown dog park.
Bideawee Buzz - Episode 4: Ruff Club
Learn more about this East Village Social Club for Dogs.
Bideawee Buzz - Episode 3: Sprinkles Cupcakes
Enjoy some sweet treats with your pups at this Gourmet Cupcake Bakery.
Bideawee Buzz - Episode 2: The Tribeca Dog Run
Enjoy a day out with your dog at the Tribeca Dog Run.
Bideawee Buzz- Episode 1 : Your Dog's Winter Wardrobe
Help prepare your four-legged loved ones for winter in New York City by visiting Canine Styles.

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