Bideawee TV: Training

Training is critical to ensure the well-being of animals and enhance the life-long relationships pet lover enjoy with their pets. The basic lessons, commands and techniques establish a foundation for pets to learn, socialize and stay out of harm's way. The Bideawee Training Video Series illustrates some simple and effective methods that give pet lovers some access to basic commands and training techniques that will improve life with a four-legged loved one. For more information visit Bideawee's Training Program or call 866-262-8133.

Training - The Dog Child Relationship
Mike Rueb, Bideawee's Director of Training, discusses the unique relationship between dogs and children, and how you can take steps to ensure that it's safe, healthy, and mutually beneficial to both pup and child.
Training - The Correct Way to Hold Your Dog
Contrary to what you might think, the proper way to pick up and hold your dog isn't second nature. In this video, Bideawee trainer, Mike Rueb, explains the best and safest way to pick up your pup.
Training - Sit
Teaching your dog to "sit" is the first step in basic obedience training. Let Bideawee's Certified Trainer teach you the easiest way to impart this fundamental lesson to your pup.
Training - Name Recognition
Before your dog can rise to the head of their class, they need to learn to recognize their name. Name recognition is the foundation of all commands and training techniques, and with a little practice, your dog will be well on their way to becoming a straight A student.
Training - Curb your Dog
All over the city you see signs to "curb your dog" but what exactly does this mean, and how can you learn to effectively train your dog to ensure that you follow this city-wide mandate.
Bideawee Training- Teaching your dog to walk on a leash
Teaching your dog the proper way to walk on a leash is important. A dog that is pulling and unruly is a danger not only to the person walking them, but to themselves. Here are some tips from Mike Rueb, Bideawee's Certified Trainer, to help you teach your dog how to walk safely on a leash.

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