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Empress, Female, Dog, 2 yrs 7 mos

This magnificent young lady is named Empress. Truly, a name to match a personality, heart, and spirit as big as hers! When it comes to showering her trusted friends with affection, there is no compare! Empress loves to snuggle into your leg, and would climb into your lap if more easily permitted (she's 62 pounds!) Always offering a toy to her human friends (she always has a stuffed animal in her mouth) as a sign of trust, she melts hearts with her gifts. If you're ever looking to say "Hello," Empress spends most of the day snoozing in the Manager's office, or trying to get the staff to sneak her a secret lunch. Otherwise, you can find her playing and tumbling in the Park with her people or doggie friends! She is the idyllic partner for any mature family who shares in her active lifestyle! Empress also loves learning new games and cues, so obedience-savvy adopters are idyllic for her, too. Due to a generous donation, her adoption fee has been covered already; so all she needs now is a home to call her own! If this gorgeous young lady seems like the perfect fit for you, then please submit a Dog Adoption Form for her through today!