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Hermes, Male, Dog, 1 yr 3 mos

Meet our Puerto Rico pup, Hermes! Hermes is a one year old terrier mix who came to Bideawee from Puerto Rico. Hermes is a beautiful dog and has a unique look. He has a chocolate brown and white coat, expressive brown eyes, and adorable oversized ears. Hermes also has a fluffy tail and when he gets excited it begins to go a mile a minute and his feet break out into a little happy dance. Hermes is also 25 pounds and is fully grown. Hermes is a very sweet and fun dog who is sure to bring endless joy to whoever takes him home. He can be quite shy at first and would benefit from a calm and quiet household. His dream owners will be kind and patient while he comes out of his shell more and would preferably live in a quiet neighborhood. Hermes absolutely adores other dogs and they seem to breathe new life into him. When Hermes is around other pups, his true colors come out and he acts like the bouncing and joyful adolescent dog that he is. If you have another dog at home, Hermes would be thrilled to meet them! To meet this gorgeous and gentle dog, come to Bideawee!