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Prim, Female, Dog, 0 yr 5 mos

With a big smile like that, how can you not chuckle? This contagious grin belongs to Prim! Prim is five month old Siberian Husky/Labrador Retriever mix who is just about the most fun dog you'll ever meet. Prim loves to play and her favorite game is chewing and throwing her squeaky toys high in the air. She also loves her walks outside and will make a fabulous companion for many an outside adventure. Prim also happens to be a snuggler extraordinaire. She quickly rolls unto her back for belly rubs - closing her eyes in bliss. But she'll also stand on her legs for hugs, let you pick her up in the air for hugs, sit in your lap for hugs - basically as long as it contains hugs, Prim is down! Prim gets along great with other dogs but because she's an exuberant player a meet and greet is recommended if you have a dog at home. Prim is 30 pounds now but is still growing and we expect her to be a large sized dog. She's not fully housebroken and needs to work on some of her basic manners as well. If you're looking for a dog that has it all, then come meet Prim!