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Gerald, Male, Dog, 0 yr 4 mos

Meet Gerald! Gerald is a two (almost three) month old Plott Hound mix who came to Bideawee from Georgia! Gerald has an incredibly soft brindle coat with communicative ears and enchanting brown eyes. Gerald's ears change depending on his mood. If he's curious or playing, they're high in the air. If he's attentive they're perched and folded on his head. Gerald is an active and playful puppy. He love, love, loves to run around. His favorite thing to do is sprint around the room and chase after toys. Gerald is incredibly outgoing with new people. There's nobody he doesn't want to meet or say hello to. Gerald's dream home will have active owners who are excited about playing with their puppy and taking him out for long walks and adventures. Gerald is still working on his manners and can be rambunctious when he plays so it's best that he goes home without young children. He gets along well with others dogs and may be able to go home to another pup. Gerald is 13 pounds and still growing, we expect him to be a large sized dog. To meet Gerald, come to Bideawee!