Bideawee Pets of New York – Cooper


We had been looking for "our dog" for almost a year when we stumbled upon Cooper. We’d come to Bideawee to look at another dog who was walking out with their new family as we came in, but we decided to look around anyway. As soon as we walked past Cooper's kennel and saw those sweet, golden eyes looking up at us, we knew this was our girl. Cooper proceeded to chew up her adoption application, gnaw on a wooden bench, and almost knocked over a jar of treats in our meet and greet (she’s been spunky from day 1). She was perfect.

In the almost 3 years since we’ve adopted Cooper, she’s come to be the smartest, sassiest, most full of personality dog we’ve ever known. She loves training and adapts to life with us so quickly, no matter where we go. She loves hiking off leash, anything involving a ball, and sighing loudly at us when we don’t serve her dinner two hours early. Cooper has survived a rare tick borne illness that almost took her from us, fostered over a dozen dogs, and brought joy to so, so many people. She's truly a special dog, and we’re so grateful to Bideawee brought her into our lives.

- Cooper's Adopters, Mollie and Pat

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