Bideawee Pets of New York – Harlem


We had just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary and decided it was finally the time to adopt a dog. We heard about Bideawee from a friend and wanted to try there first. When we arrived we were instantly greeted and asked what we were looking for. We walked around learning all about the puppies available. When we walked by Harlem (formerly known as Portia), we thought she was adorable with a very distinctive face; we were drawn to her energy. We tried looking at other puppies but quickly diverted our attention back to her.

Within 10 minutes of expressing our interest in her, we were taken to a room with her to get acquainted. She was friendly, loved to play and appeared to really be paying attention when certain commands were given. We absolutely loved her. We were told she would be ready for adoption in a few weeks and to continue to check the website. We checked the website multiple times a day and called to check her status. One morning, she finally appeared on the website. We instantly filled out the online application and sent an email expressing our interest since the center was closed.

The next morning we learned that she had been adopted the prior day. We were devastated. We decided we wouldn’t instantly look for another dog. Two weeks later, we got a call letting us know that she was back due to reasons beyond her control. We were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to see her again. We picked her up and finally brought her home. Since she’s been home, she has reshaped our ideas regarding what’s important in life. Instead of focusing so much on work, we spend our extra time with her. She’s so fun to play with, extremely loyal, and is a quick learner. She brought an extra gleam of light into the house. She has gotten us to be cleaner, more careful about things we leave out in the house, and mindful of helping each other out to care for her. This will translate well when we decide to start a family. Harlem has changed our lives forever!

From her adopters, Danielle and Evan

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