Bideawee Pets of New York – Love


Everyone deserves a little bit of Love! I adopted Love in September 2018, a very spontaneous decision but definitely one of the best ones I’ve made. I initially went to Bideawee to volunteer and interact with some puppies. Over time, I saw a lot of the same faces week after week who were still waiting for a home. One in particular, named Love, kept standing out to me. Her kennel was in the corner and she always looked so lonely. I had seen her photo numerous times on the site, and seeing her in person really upset me: how can a dog with that face be overlooked by so many adopters? I soon learned that her biggest challenge was that she had aggressive outbreaks towards strangers and mostly men. A challenge like that didn’t scare me. In my mind, any human who would have endured a comparable life would have similar fears and hang-ups, and I knew in my heart that with the right adopter, she would thrive. I visited her day after day, sometimes with my family, so she would learn to trust me and my family members. As long as she could learn to trust me, I had complete faith that she was going to be just fine.

And turns out I was right! Within one week, Love was literally leaping into my father’s arms for hugs and attention. She “gives belly” to every one of our family members, which is when she rolls over with her mouth wide open and smiling to get belly rubs. She is always by my side, I believe I have been deemed “her person.” Love has fit right into our existing pack, and monkey see monkey do - she has picked up on all the behavioral antics of all our babies. She prances on the couch, she has “her” nap spot in every room, she dances for treats, and she especially loves going for family walks. Of course, she has her quirks that I adore: when she rolls on her back and then wiggles across anything that is soft (clothing, beds, couches, floor towels, doormats), or when she’s excited she rapidly nudges her front paws forward to play, and she is actually very gentle when it comes to affection. She is a wonderful dog, a sweet, loving dog who had a hard past, and just needed someone to be patient with her while she learned that it was safe to trust again. I’m so glad that we have been able to give that to her, and so grateful to Bideawee for caring for her, and selecting us to bring her home to finally live happily and comfortably for the rest of her long life!

-Love's Adopter, Kara

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