Bideawee Pets of New York – Keira and Lady Whiskers


From their Adopter, Allison

I adopted Keira and Lady Whiskers back in the summer of 2016 from the Westhampton location of Bideawee. I had been volunteering at Bideawee for about a year at that point and I knew I wanted to adopt Keira. She had come up to me on my first day of volunteering and only afterwards did I find out that she was actually a very shy and nervous cat. When I went to adopt, I left with Keira and Lady Whiskers because two cats are always better than one!

Bideawee made the adoption process so simple and they gave us everything we needed for our two new family members to get settled in at home. Since then, Keira has become so much friendlier. Her and Lady Whiskers are the best of pals and like to relax together on the couch all day long. We are so glad that we adopted both cats, especially Keira, a senior cat who was often overlooked. They make our days so much brighter!

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