Bideawee Pets of New York – Pickles and Olive


From their Adopter, Sarah and John Zois 

We came to Bideawee in search of a kitten to complete our little family. At the time, there weren’t many to choose from because it was February. There we met Pickles and Olive, two adorable grey kittens with big beautiful eyes. When we met them, we didn’t know that they were bonded and had to go home together. We soon learned that these babies were found on a boat on a very cold night. Pickles was taking care of Olive who was barely eating, and laying on top of her to keep her warm. Luckily, a good Samaritan brought them into Bideawee, for had he not, this story probably would have never been told. We thought they were adorable, but my fiancé and I didn’t want to make any rash decisions, as we already had our dog Micah at home, so we left empty handed.

After two days of thinking about these kittens nonstop, we decided that we had to have them. Keeping our fingers crossed, we called to see if they were still available for adoption. Sure enough, they were. I told the staff that I would be in on my lunch break to see them and start the paperwork. The employees were so kind and helpful during the entire adoption process. They were thrilled that these girls were going to a great home and staying together.

Now, seven months later, we can’t imagine not having them. They complete our fur family perfectly. “The girls” have such a fun, playful demeanor. They love to sneak up on each other. Pickles is the more relaxed of the two; she loves to spread out and sunbathe. Olive is wild in her own way. She could spend all her days looking out the window and hunting bugs. She has also made an unlikely friendship with Micah and follows him around incessantly. We celebrated their first birthday on 10/13/19. The entire process with Bideawee was amazing! I would recommend the center in a heartbeat. Thank you Bideawee!

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