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In the meantime, here is a pet you might be interested in!

Mavis, Female, Dog, 5 yrs 2 mos

Please allow me to introduce you to Mavis.
She is a sweet and spirited, 5-year-old pooch, that everyone here simply adores and admires.
Beautiful and be-speckled, with fluffy ears to boot, it's hard not to swoon!
More than just her good looks, Mavis also boasts a lovely heart to match her outward beauty.
Her lovely spirit is only enhanced by her jubilant and unique personality; she loves to point at every critter she comes across!
Mavis is also quite playful and adventurous, and would love an active family that can go exploring with her!
Anyone who enjoys hiking and conquering new trails would be a great match!
If she sounds perfect for you, then please ask about Mavis today!