Late last week, Bideawee received an email from a Good Samaritan doing her best to save the most adorable and innocent kitty from a dreadful situation in New York City. Once you read the story, please tell me, how could we have turned away from helping? Could you? Can you?

Here is her email:

Dear Bideawee,
The owner of the bodega next door to my apartment acquired a young cat a few months ago. But the cat is in bad shape - not spayed, no vaccinations, full access to the busy street, overly nice to strangers, etc…..The owner claims that the cat was abused by "people on the street." Whatever the case may be, the cat's left eye is sorely infected. The owner refuses to seek medical care for the animal (most likely, for fear of cost). Could you please suggest a solution in this case? - I am a big animal lover, and generally a moral human being. I cannot stand to see the animal suffer. It is obvious even to me that 1) the eye should be extracted. 2) The cat probably needs to be on an antibiotic regimen for a while. 3) The cat needs a safe INDOOR space to recover and a new home. Things to note: Unfortunately, I cannot take the cat, as my partner is extremely allergic to cats. (Wish I could, however!). Money is a bit of an issue for me, but I can fundraise. By preference, the cat should be removed from this current situation/ fostered, and adopted out. Please advise. Thanking you in advance!

So, tell me…after reading this and seeing the picture of sweet Blanca….could you say no? Can you say no now? We need your help to get Blanca the eye enucleation surgery she so desperately needs. We will also spay her and properly vaccinate and medicate her all while nourishing and nurturing her each and every day to prepare her for her lifelong home. Right now, however, she has safely arrived at Bideawee and is already on a course of pain management and antibiotic medications. Please help us help poor Blanca and others like her with a gift of $50 or more today.

We couldn’t say no to helping her, and we are hoping that you won’t say no either. So, please, give as generously as you can – every little bit helps.

Thank you so much for saying yes to saving the lives of so many innocent cats and dogs. We couldn’t do the work we do every day for these pets without the compassion and generosity of people like you. Thank you.