As soon as Foxey arrived at Bideawee we immediately knew something was horribly wrong. And even though she was just one of an airplane-full of unwanted and abandoned Chihuahua pups, we could spot her pain through the crowd of needy dogs.

With Foxey, it was obvious to everyone who saw this little 4 year old Pomeranian try to walk that she had been in pain for a very long time. And we were right. Due to a severely dislocated kneecap, she hadn’t used her right leg in so long that it was horribly atrophied and losing muscle every day.

We can only imagine how much pain her leg was causing her. And worse, for how long? She never put it down - even for just a second. But through it all, Foxey was still the sweetest girl you could imagine and just kept going on three legs.

With your generosity, we can help Foxey heal and make sure she gets the rehabilitation and extended physical therapy she'll need to learn to walk on four legs again - no matter how long it takes. But, in the meantime, we wanted to guarantee that Foxey wouldn’t have one more moment in pain, so our expert team of veterinarians rushed in to perform emergency surgery on this sweet girl.

But right now, as you can imagine, she's been receiving therapy and still needs extensive veterinary care and long-term rehab. I'm hoping you will send a gift of $50 to help us care for her and help her heal.

We're doing everything we can for Foxey, but it's very expensive to provide this level of veterinary care in addition to sending her for in-patient rehabilitation. All the while we're still caring for hundreds of dogs and cats who all need food, socialization and veterinary care.

That's why I'm sharing Foxey's story with you today. We need extra support right now.

Will you help?

Please make the most generous gift you can to help care for Foxey and other injured and ill animals. So many strays need veterinary care when they come to us. We can't turn them away, so we count on your help.

And we are so thankful.