Tis the Season to be jolly….and charitable. For many of us though, jolly isn’t always how we feel and charitable, well, that often takes a backseat to running here and there, trying to find just the right gift and struggling to juggle family, work, shopping, cooking and breathing! All of this during a time that certainly holds ideals that can bring us even more…how shall we say…..STRESS.

So who has time or money to be jolly or charitable? We do. We all can be charitable in some way. It’s easier and less costly than we might think to make a big difference.

While we hustle and bustle this December, trying to figure out how to get it all done and pay for it, there are many non-profit organizations out there that are relying on you too. (Not to stress you out more, but they are.) These charities are hoping you will remember them during this busy time of year so they can continue to do the work that helps those in need. They need you because others need them.

But what if you only have a little money or a little time? Well, ALL giving matters a lot – no matter how large or how small. If you give by volunteering your time or donating food or blankets or clothing, it matters. If you walk dogs or play with cats at your local animal shelter, if you feed the homeless at a soup kitchen or if you are able to donate money. It all matters more than you can ever imagine.

See, sometimes we don’t donate or volunteer our time because we think we don’t have enough of it to make a difference. Especially during the holidays when we are spending more money and have even less free time!

But, let’s consider for a moment Bideawee and see how giving any amount matters. As a 111 year old animal welfare charity, Bideawee relies solely on private donations from people just like you. We receive absolutely no government support.

You might consider donating to Bideawee because you want to help care for all of the homeless dogs and cats in their care and think, “but what can my 10 dollars really do for a homeless pet?” I’ll tell you what it can do. It can feed a homeless dog or cat for 10 whole days! It can help pay for vaccinations and when combined with just 20 people just like you who give 10 dollars? It can transport a dog on the brink of being euthanized to the safety of a no-kill shelter like Bideawee for a second chance at life. 10 dollars adds up. 1 dollar adds up! And Bideawee and other charities like it need your help to continue to help those (people or animals) that are less fortunate.

So, whatever your passion, whatever tugs at your heart, whatever you believe in, find a charity with a mission to match and do what you can. Give whatever you can. Even when it feels like you don’t have the extra time or the extra money. Remember, $10 dollars can feed a dog at Bideawee for 10 days!! Every little bit helps and every little bit adds up to much more than you can imagine. Make a difference in the life of an animal by donating today.