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Olive, Female, Dog, 7 yrs 1 mo

This fantastically beautiful lady is named Olive.
Donning a heart-melting face and some of the saddest puppy-dog eyes that we've ever seen, it's hard not to gush over her.
Olive is such a tender-hearted and sensitive soul, it's impossible not to fall in love with her in but a few minutes.
She nuzzles her entire head into your leg for a snuggle, and if she could melt into your side, she surely would. She loves people, and would do well in a home that could provide her with constant companionship.
Olive weighs in at 67 pounds, but she is incredibly gentle in all her ways and when on walks, and would do well in many types of homes.
Being a senior dog, it could be easy to over-look such a rare and loving gem, but we beg you to consider taking a look at her if you visit us!
If this lovely lady seems perfect for you, please ask about Olive today!