Little Rosie was just trying to get warm on a cold winter night in Queens, New York. Little did she know that the warm car engine she was snuggled up next to was about to be turned on again. But that is just what we think happened. And this darling, 4 year old Calico kitty wasn't quite fast enough to escape the terrible dangers that car engines pose to freezing cats in the winter.

Luckily for Rosie, she is safe now at Bideawee through the help of a good Samaritan who found her lying in a driveway, bleeding and suffering from a severe injury to her right hind foot. Unfortunately, this poor kitty will need to have her foot amputated and she will need quite a bit of wound care following the surgery - probably for several months at least. But thankfully, she is in the expert care of the veterinarians here at Bideawee and will be showered with love and affection for the entire duration of her stay with us. Of that you can be sure.

Thanks to your generosity and compassion, Bideawee can provide this kind of extensive care so that we can get helpless pets like Rosie healed and into their forever homes. But we cannot do this without you. Bideawee has relied on the generosity of caring people like you for 110 years. We receive no government support and rely solely on private funding. Bideawee needs your help to provide Rosie and others like her with life-saving surgery and extraordinary care during their stay with us.

Won't you please help Rosie get the second chance at life that she deserves?




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