Miraculously, these babies lived... but they desperately need your help to grow.

It was an urgent, saddened and distressed call to Bideawee that brought these three 2-day old purebred Yorkie pups to the expert care of our veterinary staff.

On the verge of tears, a woman called Bideawee yesterday letting us know her female pregnant Yorkie had died during childbirth after 3 of her tiny pups were born. To make matters worse, a fourth was still inside her and subsequently died.

Not knowing what to do and desperate to get the surviving pups the care they needed, she called several shelters looking for someone, anyone who could help. No one answered her plea until she reached Bideawee.

Because of caring and compassionate individuals like you, Bideawee was able to rush to her home in Staten Island to save the lives of these tiny babies.

But - - their difficult journey is not over and, in fact, it’s only beginning. We need your help to continue caring for these infants day and night - feeding them every two hours and monitoring their health. They are orphans now and their first days and weeks will not be easy. We will have to mimic the warmth of their mother. We will need to nuzzle them and clean them and feed them throughout the night. We will need to be there every step of the way because their chances of survival went down exponentially when they lost their mother.

Thankfully, the woman who bred them called Bideawee to give them a chance at hope. But today these pups are still in mortal danger. Please make as generous a tax-deductible contribution today as you can to help these Yorkies get the constant around-the-clock intensive care they need to survive.

When we received that call to action yesterday, we knew that we had to save these babies. But we also knew that we would have your generosity to count on and with that we could give them hope. We promise to work diligently to help them thrive and grow and find them loving homes. But right now, they need your help.