Canine Bill of Rights


1. Every dog deserves to be treated always with respect, compassion and concern for his/her quality of life.

2. Every dog deserves to be in a well-cleaned run. Dogs should NEVER have urine or feces in their kennels.

3. Every dog deserves access to clean water throughout the day. Bowls should be emptied and refilled once a day, or more frequently as needed when near empty or if dirty.

4. All dogs deserve to be groomed, brushed and/or bathed once a week or as frequently as needed.

5. All puppies deserve a clean place to eliminate away from sleeping area, food and water. Elimination must be cleaned immediately.

6. All puppies deserve to be socialized frequently with people and, when medically cleared, with other dogs. All puppies must be taught basic obedience commands and walked on schedule to facilitate housebreaking.

7. Every dog deserves to be walked a minimum of 3 times a day for 15-20 minutes, on a regular schedule. These walks should include obedience training and down time. Walks should be on a relaxed leash; absolutely no pulling! Dogs must also get a minimum of 20 minutes of aerobic exercise (running, ball playing, etc.) a day.

8. Every dog deserves to be taken out immediately every morning to maintain housebreaking.

9. All dogs deserve to be taught and rewarded for performing basic obedience commands: Sit, down, stand, leave-it/take-it, drop, wait, stay, roll-over, heel, and come.

10. Every dog needs to be mentally stimulated while in the kennel. Every dog deserves to be given at least 1 stuffed Kong every day.

11. Dogs MUST NEVER be hit, screamed at, scared or mishandled in any way.

12. Dogs exhibiting any symptoms of canine breakdown, MUST ALWAYS be reported immediately to the BAW behaviorist/trainer.

13. Every dog deserves to receive a thorough exam on intake, to be spay/neutered and microchipped, and to receive the necessary medical, preventive and health maintenance care of the highest veterinary standards.

14. Every dog deserves to be advertised for adoption so that we can find a permanent adoptive home quickly. We must do everything possible to see that each dog is adopted within 10 days of arrival and stays no more than 60 days at Bideawee.