Chair - Joseph L. Sorbera, Jr.
Mr. Sorbera was elected to the Board of Directors in March 2010 and was elected as Vice Chair in 2012. He is the President and CEO of  JLS Cost Management Systems Inc., a capital projects management company based in NYC. Mr. Sorbera lives in Staten Island, NY with his wife, Diane, their three children, his three year old “prince of the house”, a golden retriever named Chewie (short for Chewbacca), and Max, a Bideawee dog who adopted the Sorberas as his new family. In addition to serving on Bideawee’s board, Mr. Sorbera is a former member of the board of Trustees of the University of Scranton and Loyola School of New York. Mr. Sorbera earned his degree in management from the University of Phoenix.