Charitable Lead Trusts

  • Why Consider a Charitable Lead Trust

    For certain pet lovers a Charitable Lead Trust is the ideal giving instrument. If you are pet lover with a substantial net worth who is interested in the following you may wish to consider a Charitable Lead Trust:

    • Make regular gifts to Bideawee
    • Provide for your heirs
    • Engage in proactive financial planning
    • Minimize estate transfer taxes
  • Charitable Lead Trust Advantages

    The most attractive advantage of a Charitable Lead Trust is that you may be able to reduce the tax cost of transferring assets to family members and fulfill your charitable intentions at the same time. A non-grantor Charitable Lead Trust permits you to select the payout rate to the charity and the period of time over which the trust will make payouts.

  • Creating A Charitable Lead Trust

    You may create a Charitable Lead Trust either by agreement during your lifetime or in your will. It is called a "lead" trust because charity receives the income or "lead" interest for a period of time, after which the corpus goes to others. If you are interested in discussing a Charitable Lead Trust please contact the development department at 866-262-8133.