Chloe had it made for the majority of her life.  Why should she suffer now at the mature age of 9?
Her story is all too familiar for cats who outlive their family.  And while Chloe is lucky she ended up at Bideawee and not outside on the street like so many others, she is clearly in mourning over the loss of her beloved owner.  You see, Chloe was the only cat of a man that made her the center of his world.  He loved her so much, he made sure that if anything happened to him she should go to Bideawee.  And that she did.
But now poor Chloe isn’t just sad.  She is in need of sophisticated surgery.  And she needs your help. 
When she came to Bideawee, Chloe was obviously not a happy kitty.  She had been through a trauma.  First losing her owner of 9 years and then being taken to a strange place with lots of people and other cats and dogs.  And while she gets lots of love from the staff and volunteers, something still wasn’t right with Chloe.
While undergoing a routine dental exam and cleaning, our expert veterinary staff noticed something was very wrong with Chloe’s heart rate.  So wrong, in fact, that they immediately aborted the procedure, brought her out of anesthesia and called to have more tests done on this sweet little girl.  Luckily for Chloe, her heart rate stabilized fairly quickly and she made it.
But specialized tests like echocardiograms are expensive.  Chloe, it turns out, not only has abnormal heart rhythm and enlargement of her left ventricle for which she’ll need to be on meds for the duration of her life, but she has a very painful dental condition called tooth resorption.  And Chloe needs to have dental surgery right away in order to extract her damaged teeth, relieve her of her pain and help her live a long, happy and healthy life.  But this procedure needs to be performed at a highly specialized hospital with cardiologists and dentists available that can manage her complex care.  
With a donation from you today, you will ensure that Chloe can get the extensive treatment and surgery she needs to live a long, healthy and happy life.
Won’t you give $35 or more today to make sure that Chloe and others like her get to live their lives out to the fullest?  Please make a donation help us continue this life-saving mission.    We need you.  Chloe needs you.
Thank you so much for you generosity.  We couldn’t save the lives we do each and every day without your compassionate support.