If you had gotten the call and accompanying photos requesting immediate help for this adorable 9-week old orange tabby kitten, you would have had to look away from the sight of her mangled and bloody paw. And, you would instantly understand the urgency of this email.

To see this poor kitten in pain and trying to put her paw down was awful. But we knew that if we rescued her from being euthanized, that with your help and the expert care of the Bideawee Animal Hospital veterinarians, this sweet kitten named Cybil would make a wonderful pet for a loving family someday.

We’ll never know exactly what happened to Cybil but from the looks of this terrible injury, we believe that she tried to warm herself on a car engine only to get her front paw stuck in the motor. This is an all too common occurrence during the brutally cold winter months. And this kitten seems to be yet another casualty of bitter temperatures, having lost some of her toes to this tragedy.

Our hope is that we can save her paw and that we will not have to amputate.

With your generosity, we can help Cybil heal and then make sure nothing like this ever, ever happens to her again.

Right now, as you can imagine, she needs extensive veterinary care, surgery and possibly a skin graft or amputation. I’m hoping you will send a gift of $20 to help us care for her.

Bideawee immediately went to work on her wound, getting her on pain medication so that she could rest more comfortably. Our vets are giving her two powerful antibiotics to prevent infection and they are cleaning the paw each day until she is stable enough for surgery where she is missing digits and skin. We’re doing everything we can for Cybil, but as you can imagine, it’s very expensive to care for extreme cases like her that require extensive treatment, surgery and long-term post-op care. And all the while we’re still caring for hundreds of dogs and cats in our adoption centers.

That’s why I’m sending you this urgent email today. We need your support right now. Cybil needs your support.

Please send the most generous gift you possibly can to help care for Cybil and other injured and ill animals. So many strays need veterinary care when they come to us. We can’t turn them away, so we count on your help.

And we are so thankful.