Happy Tails: Dale and Davey


I found Bideawee through a general internet search for Animal Shelters in Manhattan. I discovered it was close to my office so I would walk over on my lunch hour and visit the animals available for adoption every few weeks or so. While my family and I were ready to add to our four-legged brood, we have a very senior cat (18) whom I knew would not be happy about new family members, so I expected the search to be a challenge. I explained my situation to the staff each time I visited and they suggested low key, older cats, to which I was not opposed.
I met Davey and Dale, a bonded pair who were 2 1/2 and 1 1/2 years old in October.  My first impression was that Dale seemed a bit shy and Davey was a bit overweight, but seemed to be a lovey mush of a guy. I went back several times in the fall and winter and was shocked to see they were still there. They were always playful and sweet when new people came in the room. I was happy to see Davey losing weight and looking very healthy. I finally brought my 9-year-old daughter in on a late January Saturday and she was smitten. She visited with other cats that day but came back to Davey and Dale after the other cats were not as affectionate or playful.
My husband and I returned the next day while our daughters were at a matinee and we adopted the boys and brought them home to surprise our younger daughter. She was overwhelmed and completely overjoyed as she had been begging for a cat of her own for several years. And now she had TWO!!! (Well, they are really the family cats.)
We started interactions slowly, keeping them in a separate room from our old Sophie. When she saw them through a glass door, she freaked out, growling and hissing like mad. But after a couple of weeks, we put up double baby gates in the door between the bedroom where Sophie had been staying (she slept in our bedroom anyway) and the rest of the apartment. There was lots of curious staring and some growling, mostly from our grumpy old girl. But after a week, the gates came down and they can now be in a room together. Davey wants to eat ALL OF THE FOOD so I have to pick up the dishes when they are in the room together.  It’s been a process but we were ready for it.
Dale especially is such a lovey guy. He lets my daughter carry him around like a baby. He lets all of us cuddle and kiss him endlessly. He must have been so scared in the shelter when I first met him.
Davey is doing well too but loves to eat and whenever we walk into the kitchen, he thinks it’s feeding time!
They have become a wonderful addition to our family and I always encourage people to adopt two cats together.
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