Einstein's story is a sad, but true one


“I’m just going to leave him in the street; I don’t care what happens to him.” - Einstein’s former owner

You would think that when you work in animal welfare, a part of you becomes accustomed to the terrible stories, but the truth is, you never do. This is because it’s impossible to look into the eyes of an animal that has been abused or neglected; an animal that is suffering because of the willful actions of a human being, and understand what could have driven someone to such cruelty.

Einstein is a gentle eight-year-old Shih Tzu mix who was brought to Bideawee by a couple who offered to take him from a neighbor after seeing the terrible condition he was in, and being told by the neighbor that he planned to “leave him in the street and didn’t care what happened to him.” The couple knew that they could not have a dog, but there was no way that they could turn a blind eye to Einstein and his suffering.

Einstein arrived at Bideawee emaciated and in terrible shape and our vets have already discovered a host of issues that will require immediate treatment. Einstein has an enlarged heart and murmur, a perianal tumor, a urinary tract infection and severe dental disease.

There is no telling how long this poor boy has been in pain and in need of care, as his story points to years of abject neglect. Einstein’s rescuers said they brought him to Bideawee because they “knew he would get the care he needs here.” And they were right, but we desperately need your help. Please DONATE today so that Einstein can get the care he needs, and especially, so that animals like Einstein will always have a place to call home. Unlike his previous owner, we care deeply about what happens to this sweet boy, and we know you do too.