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Clark, Male, Dog, 1 yr 4 mos

Everybody, please allow me to introduce you to Clark.
He is gorgeous young man, who is just over-flowing with spirit!
Donning a fluffy and charming coat, perky ears, and a nimble body, he knows how to make the crowds swoon!
However, Clark is more than just his good looks.
He is a unique boy, who can only best be described as an enigma.
So athletic he's nearly aerodynamic, his jubilance is unrivaled, and would thrive in a home that not only shares in active lifestyle, but who can provide a full-time job for him!
He's also sensitive, and needs time to become fully comfortable with new people, and so a mature family is idyllic for him.
Clark would also be best as the only pooch in the home.
If he sounds like your perfect fit, please ask about Clark today!