Your immediate help is needed. This darling 3 year old Cairn Terrier was just rushed to Bideawee’s Manhattan Hospital in desperate shape with multiple pelvic fractures, suspicion of a fractured hock and possible internal injuries.

The story behind this innocent pup’s devastating injuries is stranger than fiction. I’ll make it short though so we can get help this afternoon to save his life. Unbelievably, he was received as a gift just 3 weeks ago. The owner, after realizing he didn’t really want a dog and wasn’t suited to care for one, decided to surrender the dog to a shelter. But before that could happen, this little guy got loose and was crushed by a minivan while the owner watched in horror.

How he survived under the weight of a van, we don’t know, but we believe his will to live is so strong. We need your help now to save his life. Please donate as generously as you can to help Bideawee provide him with all of the urgent medical intervention he needs. A gift of $20 or more will help him get all the care he needs for as long as he needs it so that he may have a long life with a forever family who loves and protects him.

He is being X-rayed right now to determine the full extent of his injuries and all the surgery and procedures he needs. We will keep you updated throughout the coming days and weeks about his progress and further developments as they happen.

We cannot thank you enough for helping save his life and we certainly couldn’t do it without you.


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