Heartworm Positive Mother of Ten – starving, afraid and alone

How could someone be so horribly cruel as to abandon this darling young Dachshund during a winter like this? Left to starve and probably die in childbirth.

Thankfully, Bideawee was here to rescue Gabby and her 10 pint-sized puppies, but we need your help desperately. You see, Gabby has heartworm and her bones are literally protruding from her back and sides. Her ten teeny-tiny pups all weigh less than two pounds and have drained Mom of all she has to give. We will need to spend significant energy, expense and time nursing them back to health so that these 11 darling Dachshunds can find the forever loving homes they so deserve. And they DO deserve it.

It may be disturbing to see mom’s bones so visible. We cannot comprehend what she must have endured to arrive at Bideawee so malnourished and emaciated.

Please donate as generously as you can to help save these innocent dogs. A gift of $20 or more will help provide the expert medical care they so desperately need.


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