Get Started


Once you’ve created your fundraising page, you have taken the first step in becoming a champion for animals! Next you will want to customize your page to make it as personal and compelling as possible.

  • Add a Profile Picture: Consider something with your four-legged companion. Make sure the picture is clear, in focus and relevant to your story.
  • Tell Your Story: Your story is so important! It’s the reason you care about our cause, and the reason others will too! Think about what would be compelling if you were the one reading it, and put your passion into words. You can make it purely personal (tell how your life has been impacted by the love of a pet) or you can include statistics like these. The goal is to let donors know why Bideawee’s mission is close to your heart.
  • Set a Goal: Goals keep you focused and give your donors a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve. People are more likely to give if they think their donations will have a quantifiable impact.
  • Lead by Example: Show your donors that you are serious about your efforts by kicking off your own fundraiser. You are the inspiration behind your friends’ actions.
  • Spread the Word: It’s all about SHARING and nothing spreads faster these days than digital content. Engage your friends, fans and followers on social media.   Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google + and any other digital platform you are active on. Send personal emails to your closest friends and family; ask your nearest and dearest to take up the cause with you! Get people talking about your efforts and your community of support will grow!
  • Follow Up: Don’t forget to THANK your supporters! Keep them updated on your efforts, give them some online love, and let them know how much their support means to you and to the animals that will benefit from your collective efforts.

There are so many ways you can raise funds for animals in need. Here are just a few to help get you started!

  • Host a Give-Back Birthday! In lieu of presents, ask your loved ones to make a donation to the dogs and cats at Bideawee.
  • Share Your Special Occasion! Getting married? Celebrating your bat mitzvah? Having a sweet 16? Share your day with a cause you are passionate about, and ask your guests to make their presents out to the dogs and cats at Bideawee.
  • Get Active! Participate in an athletic activity like a marathon and ask your friends to support your efforts by donating to Bideawee.
  • Put Your Talents on Display! Use your Talent for a Great Cause: For every donation that your friends make to Bideawee, commit to writing them a poem, baking them a tasty treat, creating a piece of jewelry, or donating a piece of your art. These are just some ideas; we know you are full of talents!
  • Hold a Concert! Host a concert with your band or a bunch of your musician friends and donate proceeds to Bideawee.
  • Achieve a Personal Goal! Trying to give up smoking? Want to commit to getting in shape? For every milestone that you achieve, ask your supporters to donate to Bideawee.
  • Pot Luck for Pets! Host a pot luck event at your place and ask all invitees to make a small donation to Bideawee.
  • Marketplace! Sell your famous lemonade, offer up your world-class brownies, show the world your beautiful candles.. get your goods out there, and give back a percentage of your profits to animals in need.
  • Be a Bideawee Bestie for an Animal in Need! Do you have a favorite animal at Bideawee? If you’ve seen an animal on the website that you can’t stop thinking about it, consider starting a campaign for that specific animal! You can help them get the food, care and medical attention they need.