Get Out There


Fundraising Tips for Social Media

Using social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has been proven to increase the success of individual fundraising efforts by 40%. Read the following tips to learn how you can use your social media channels to get your message heard!

  • Facebook: Facebook is your friend, and holds the keys to your network of friends! Post status updates and include photos, videos, updates about your fundraising progress and countdown till your event, and even links about the cause you are supporting. You never know what will resonate with your audience and who may be inspired to support your efforts!
  • Social Media Images: Social media can be your own personal billboard! Consider changing your image, your timeline photo on Facebook or even your Twitter background to an image that promotes your current effort! Bideawee can supply various options.
  • Twitter: The beauty of Twitter is that you can post often and target specific groups! Consider tagging high profile individuals who may be interested in your efforts, media outlets in your city, and even like-minded celebrities. You never know when something you post might go viral! You can also create a specific hashtag around your effort—the more buzz you can create, the better!
  • Google + / LinkedIn, etc. : All of your social media pages can provide a captive audience for your latest efforts. Use these platforms to tell your followers what you are doing and why you are doing it. Your biggest supporter can be anywhere.
  • Ask for a Share! : Sometimes people will want to help but won’t be able to give financially. Let your audience know that there are plenty of ways they can support your efforts. Asking your friends to share your fundraiser is a great way to ensure that your message is spread far and wide.