Hurricane Florence Dogs


For weeks, residents have been evacuating the region, but thousands of helpless animals have been left behind. Some were abandoned by their families for reasons we can’t begin to understand, and others were treasured family pets--not unlike the beloved dog or cat who may be curled up next to you as you read this—who became spooked and lost in the havoc. Imagine for a moment what it must feel like to lose your best friend in the midst of so much pain and suffering.

Additionally, thousands of healthy shelter animals were in danger of being euthanized as displaced pets inundated already crowded shelters, and severe flooding put thousands of shelter dogs and cats in harm’s way. Animals who were patiently waiting for the day when they would have a home of their own, were left clinging to crumbling buildings and fighting to remain above rising flood waters.

The moment we heard about Florence’s strength we began working with our partner shelters to transport animals out of the region. Yesterday we received our first transport, young Labrador Retrievers, Beagle and Border Collie mixes, some as young as three-months-old. These sweet pups will join more than 100 dogs and 100 cats that we are currently providing care for at our New York shelters. It’s a tremendous job and we cannot do it alone. We need your help.

When human lives are at stake, animal companions often take a back seat, which is why groups like Bideawee, and people like you are so important. We were founded on the belief that we had a duty to the most vulnerable among us. It is why we will always be there for the homeless dogs and cats who have nowhere else to go, and why we can’t turn a blind eye to the pets and people of the Carolinas who need us now.

Please join us in our rescue efforts by making an urgent gift of $25 or more today - DONATE NOW.

If you would like to help fundraise for these pups amongst your own social communities, here is a link to start your own page.