Tiny, one-pound Chihuahua, Lacey, was only a month old when she was rescued from a horrific situation that left her, and her six siblings fighting for their lives. All seven dogs were surrendered to Bideawee from a backyard breeding operation, and all were severely neglected and in dire need of care. These miniscule puppies are not even two pounds, and all have spent their lives in pain. When they came to Bideawee, they were covered in sores and infested with fleas.

The smallest of the pups, a sweet girl named Lacey, was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition that will require her already compromised body to undergo complex cardiac surgery to close one of her blood vessels and save her life.

Lacey is so tiny that she will need to double her weight before the procedure can even take place. So now she waits with her teeny body curled up in a terrified ball - under the constant monitoring of the staff at the Animal Hospitals at Bideawee.

We will do whatever it takes to save her life, but we desperately need your help. Animals that come from puppy mill type situations are often riddled with illness and injuries; they often require extensive care to heal from such traumatic environments. But they do recover, and they deserve every opportunity to lead a normal life. Please donate $20 or more today so that Lacey can receive the intricate surgical procedure she needs to repair her tiny heart and live a life free of pain and suffering, a life full of love.