When one-pound Chihuahua, Lacey, and her siblings were rescued from a backyard breeding operation, we knew we had reached them just in time. All seven puppies were covered in sores and infested with fleas, but Lacey, in particular, was immediately diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition.

We reached out to all of you as soon as we learned that Lacey would require surgery, because we knew you wouldn’t want this sweet girl to suffer any more than she already had.

At the time, we expected that Lacey would undergo a minimally-invasive surgery to close one of her blood vessels, but now that her body is ready for surgery (she had to gain some weight first), the cardiologist has identified other complications. Lacey’s veins are simply too small to accommodate the large coil that would need to be used in the minimally invasive procedure. What this means is that despite our best efforts, Lacey will require the full open-chest surgery, known as a thoracotomy, which is more costly and has a longer recovery time.

With your help, we know that we can support Lacey through this incredibly tough journey. While all of her siblings have been adopted, she’s not at all alone here at Bideawee. She’s grown even more loving and affectionate while she’s been in the care of our Animal Hospital staff and has no concept of the ordeal that lies ahead for her.

Please donate as generously as you can today to help Lacey get the life-saving surgery she needs and support her in the months ahead. Your gift will help Bideawee continue to provide life-saving care to animals like Lacey, who have suffered far too much, and are ready for their happy ever after.