When 10-week-old kitten, Laurel, was rushed to Bideawee’s Animal Hospital in Westhampton, she was in severe distress.

A neighbor had found her with a cord strangulating her right rear leg so badly that she was in danger of losing it.  We often say that we wish animals could speak to us so that we can understand what they are feeling, but one look at little Laurel, and her anguish was unmistakable.

In order to assess the extent of her injuries and manage her pain, the veterinarians at The Animals Hospitals at Bideawee immediately put her on pain medication and antibiotics and did a full work up.  It was worse than we had initially suspected; not only had Laurel sustained obvious injuries to her leg, but she had also sustained a major crushing injury to her spine, and was unable to urinate or defecate on her own.  On September 15th, Laurel is scheduled to meet with a neurologist for a more thorough evaluation, but we know that her injuries are serious.

For many, Laurel's conditions would be a deal-breaker. Some might even argue that her injuries and needs are too great to expect another person or organization to accommodate them. We simply can’t accept that.  For years, we have cared for a cat named Pear (many of you might recognize him from our Sponsor-a-Pet program) with similar issues.  Our staff has gladly given him the care he requires, and he’s as silly, mischievous and playful as any cat you can imagine.  His brings a smile to our faces daily, and we can’t imagine our lives without him.

For over 112 years, you have trusted us to provide care and safe-haven for animals like Pear and Laurel, who have nowhere else to turn, and we consider it an honor to do so, but we need your help.  Please donate $10 or more today so we can give Laurel the extensive care she needs, and continue to provide for animals like her and Pear, whose very survival depends on our generosity and commitment to their lives.