Cultivate the powerful LOVE that exists between people and pets.

“The greatest gift you’ll ever learn is how to love and be loved in return.” – Eden Ahbez

It’s hard to explain the love we feel toward our pets to someone who has never shared their life with an animal. And yet once you have, you are transformed: you will never again look at an animal the same way. Our animal companions are our family—they are our activity buddies, our favorite cuddlers, our entertainment, and our shoulders to cry on. For many of us, our animals are the epitome of love: they expand our capacity to feel it, and provide an endless supply of it.

At Bideawee, we witness this love day in and day out. It is the love of an injured dog or cat that knows they are finally in good hands. It is the love of a neglected animal when they are finally given the care they need. It is the love of a soon-to-be Bideawee alumnus when they meet their forever family and know that they are going home.

Sadly, for every cherished pet, there are millions that are abandoned, injured and alone. For 114 years-- and with your help--Bideawee has provided a sanctuary for these animals. Your support allows us to provide shelter when they have nowhere else to go, medical care when they are suffering, and love, when they have experienced only pain. See your support in action and please donate as generously as you can today so that we can continue to cultivate the powerful LOVE that exists between people and pets.

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