Motherless Newborn Kittens Need Your help


Mother’s Day is just around the corner. While most of us may be looking for sweet ways to honor our Moms for the love and compassion they’ve shown us through the years, these frail baby kittens are hanging on for life because their mother abandoned them at birth.

We don’t know why she left the five of them, perhaps she was terribly hurt or frightened away, but we do know that when they arrived at Bideawee at just 2 days old, they were extremely fragile and in need of nourishment right away. Thankfully, the expert staff at Bideawee always goes the extra mile to ensure that these lives will be saved. Right away, our Volunteer Manager in Manhattan raised her hand to take over the mighty job of feeding and cleaning all five – every two hours, around the clock -until they are strong enough and healthy enough to go to their forever homes.

Melissa is not alone in heroic efforts here at Bideawee. There are others like her just waiting for the next abandoned kitten or puppy, the next innocent pet that needs our help to live a long and healthy life in a happy family. We also know that there are so many Moms out there that are heroic in their efforts as well.

These kittens may not have a Mom to honor this Mother’s day, but we know that you will be honoring yours come Sunday. What better way than to make a life-saving donation in your Mom’s honor and at the same time – help Bideawee save these abandoned kitties? With your generous donation of $20 or more, Bideawee will send your Mom this Mother’s Day E-Card letting her know that you made a special gift in her honor.

After all, doesn’t every creature deserve a mother like yours?

Please donate as generously as you can this Mother’s Day and help these kittens get the nutrition, medical care and mother’s love they deserve.