It’s heartbreaking to see an animal suffering. When an animal’s injuries are the result of an accident or illness, it’s devastating, but no one’s fault, and we can focus solely on getting them well. It is the stories of intentional cruelty—the dogs and cats that suffer needlessly at the hands of those they often trust-- that exacerbate our grief and seem to only get harder with each new instance. Our animal companions deserve so much better. Six-month-old lab puppy Max deserved so much better.

We cannot know for sure what happened to Max, but when we rescued him, we immediately saw an abnormality in his front legs. When our veterinarian examined him, we were told that his injuries and scars suggested that he may have been hung by his front legs at some point. Sadly, this was not the first time the doctor had seen injuries like his, and stories like the one she suspected were far too common.

Whatever may have happened to Max, the only scars he bears today are physical. When he first arrived at Bideawee, he loved to spend his time behind the front desk, napping in our Client Care Coordinator’s lap. He is a gentle, affectionate, beautiful puppy who deserves every chance to become someone’s best friend. Max just received emergency surgery to treat his injuries and help him live a normal, pain-free life but the procedure cost over $6000 and he will still need additional care. These animals simply wouldn’t have a chance without your support. Please donate today to Max’s care and help us see to it that the next chapter of his life is free of suffering, and full of the love he deserves.