This time of year -- when the days become shorter, and the weather brings a chill to our bones -- we turn to our friends and families to fill our bellies, and warm our hearts.

As you know, not every living creature is so lucky. We recently rescued seven pint-size puppies from a crowded, filthy environment that resembled something between a hoarding situation and a backyard breeder. They were starving, infested with parasites, and could barely open their eyes. Several had illnesses that warranted immediate attention -- including Lacey, who will require emergency heart surgery as soon as her tiny body is big enough to withstand the procedure.

Your generous holiday gift of $50 or more will help us feed puppies like Lacey and her tiny siblings for five days, and provide the continued care that they need to heal, flourish, and find loving homes. A donation of $25 will feed 25 kittens for a day. Any amount that you can provide will help care for the cats and dogs in our shelter , and ensure that we can continue to open our doors to the many animals that require special care this time of year.

Thousands of animals are left to fend for themselves in these harsh winter conditions. Some will desperately seek warmth and food, but find only danger—succumbing to engine burns, frostbite, and even the senseless brutality of those they trust. With your help, we can continue to limit these heartbreaking cases.

And the lucky ones—animals like Lacey and her siblings-- will be given a second chance by the grace, and generosity of people like you, who give so that innocent animals can receive the care they need. Your generous donation will see to it that this holiday season, these sweet puppies can finally experience the love and companionship of a real family. Not to mention, a full belly. Wouldn’t you agree that they deserve that much?