Medical Bill of Rights


All Resident Animals at Bideawee Deserve To:

1. Be treated like a member of the family. All medical decisions will be made with the utmost compassion and consideration for a reasonable outcome and long term quality of life.

2. Receive a full medical exam upon admission to Bideawee by one of our staff veterinarians and timely follow up exams as needed.

3. Receive the highest level of preventive veterinary care and health maintenance, including but not limited to:

- Vaccines -De-worming and de-flea-ing

- Screening tests such as Heartworm, Leukemia and Fecal exams

- Surgical sterilization

- Special food and/or diet when medically recommended

- Appropriate geriatric veterinary care when necessary

4. Be treated for any medical conditions detected during the intake process.

5. Receive high quality veterinary care if he/she becomes ill during their stay at Bideawee, including but not limited to a full medical diagnostic work up and surgery, if required.

6. Be treated with dignity when a medical condition proves to be too severe and jeopardizes the animal’s quality of life. A humane, caring decision will be made to prevent the animal from further pain and suffering. End-of-life care will be provided at the highest standard, including pain management and human comfort.